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I don't really blog anymore, so this section is mostly full of news and updates about things I've made.

The 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather Who's officially on the New York Times Best Sellers List?  THE OATMEAL IS! I dropped by my local Barnes & Noble and moved my book into a different section What I think Obama is meeting with Jobs, Schmidt, and Zuckerberg about Buy any poster and get a free coffee poster The worst thing about Valentine's Day Digg adds an Oatmeal tab A nice day at the beach with the Fail Whale and some Tumbeasts A quick question for airplanes How my handwriting has changed since Kindergarten Live in Washington State? Want Oatmeal stuff before Christmas? Brain Tumors Why I didn't like riding the bus as a kid The best kind of tetherball ... You only try this once Rock Star I drew a couple of Bobcats Dear public toilets of the world 5 Random Comics It's National Oatmeal Day Compound-Eye-Walrus sees everything. This is what my car needs Quaker wants The Oatmeal Stickers

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