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I don't really blog anymore, so this section is mostly full of news and updates about things I've made.

Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works I'm doing a reddit AMA on Tuesday, September 30th Buy a brick for the Nikola Tesla Museum I drew Spider-Man like the new Spider-Woman (NSFW) I don't want you to save the world My website turned 5 years old so we're having a big sale to celebrate I am here to teach you about animals in space So, I had a call with Elon Musk earlier this week I'm gonna open up a retail store called KickstartMart For a non-sports person, this is sorta what it's like to be on the internet right now. I've run the numbers on this I wrote a book about running. Surgeon General's Warning TO VICTORY Black Friday 2013 A night at The Seattle Aquarium with The Oatmeal Just do it later Blerch cosplay at New York Comic Con today IT'S HERE! Is Disney making a movie about Nikola Tesla? JUST ONE MORE HIT My spirit animal as an animated GIF I believe in The Blerch running shirts now available! Cats Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos

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