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I drew Tumblr's new mascot spending some quality time at the beach with the Fail Whale.

A nice day at the beach with the Fail Whale and some Tumbeasts

Last week was crazy apeshit bananas. First, I launched my State of the Web comic where I requested that Tumblr used my TumblBeasts as a down time mascot. Four hours later I got an email from the founder of Tumblr, and subsequently my TumblBeasts became the new Tumblr 503 error page. They renamed them from TumblBeasts to Tumbeasts (I preferred TumblBeasts) and they now stand as the face of server failure on the Tumblr network.
After that, it got picked up by ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, Business Insider, and CNN. Crazy apeshit bananas?

It is a most joyous day to be a cartoonist.






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