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Buy any poster and get a free coffee poster

Buy one poster get a free copy of 15 things worth knowing about coffee.

Buy any poster and get a free coffee poster

Posted Feb 16th 2011, 15:20

Update: This promotion has ended

Starting today, any poster or signed print you buy from the shop will include a free copy of the 15 things worth knowing about coffee poster.

The bonus poster has a bit of promotional info at the bottom about my new book, so hopefully you'll hang it somewhere highly visible like over a traffic light or on the backs of your kids.

15 things worth knowing about coffee

In short:

  • Buy ANY poster or print and get a free coffee poster.
  • You won't see the free poster included in the cart when you checkout, but rest assured we'll include it.
  • No limit on quantity. Buy one poster, get a free coffee poster. Buy 10 posters, get 10 free coffee posters, etc
  • Posters & prints only. We'd love to include one with shirt, sticker, or coffee mug sales, but we'd have to ship a separate tube which is super expensive.
  • This promotion will last until either the first 1,000 orders are sold or March 1st arrives, whichever comes first.

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