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Who's officially on the New York Times Best Sellers List? THE OATMEAL IS!

(insert fireworks and happy explosions here)

Who's officially on the New York Times Best Sellers List? THE OATMEAL IS!

Posted March 14, 2011

As of this morning 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth is #5 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. It's also still in the top 100 on Amazon and is currently sitting pretty at #59 on USA Today's Top 150 Best-Selling Books.

I want to extend a giant, smothering, category-5 tornado thank you to everyone who supported me and picked up a copy. Without you magnificent people I'd probably be living in the hills and surviving on pigeon meat and granola bars dropped by hikers.

My book tour has been going wonderfully as well. Hundreds of people have been turning out at each event and at SXSW they sold out of books hours before the signing even started, so instead I signed stickers and conference brochures. Also, I'm halfway done with my book tour and when I return to Seattle at the month you can expect tons of new comics. I've been living between hotels, airports, and bookstores lately due to the tour so there's been little time for cartooning.

Again, thank you! I want to hug you all so hard that your internal organs spray out of your bums.

-The Oatmeal

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