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I finished my new book!

I finished my new book and it'll be out in October 2012.

I finished my new book!

Posted January 6, 2012

As you may have noticed I haven't put up much new material for the past six weeks other than a few quick comics, doodles, and rants. This is because I've been working on my new book which was due to deliver to my publisher today, January 6th. Originally it was due back in June but I needed more time with it and I didn't want to rush the humor. I finally finished the book two days ago and was so excited I ate a bunch of jellybeans and then threw them up on my neighbor's windshield!

The new book has a buttasstonload of new material (in fact it's primarily all new material). Although it's done, the publishing process takes quite a bit of time so it won't be out until October. I'm genuinely excited about what's inside and I wish I could release it tomorrow. For now I'm keeping the title and theme a secret.

Now that the book is done I have to get to work on the Oatmeal app. I've outsourced the development but I'm designing it myself, so although it'll take up some of my time it won't be nearly as time-consuming as writing a book. In the meantime you can expect lots of new comics.

Hugs and chainsaws,

-The Oatmeal

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