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I have many puzzles for you

Jigsaw puzzles about dogs, sloths, and Exploding Kittens.

I have many puzzles for you

Posted August 24, 2021

Hello, Internet friend. I'm very happy to announce the arrival puzzles at Exploding Kittens. Some of these were drawn by me, some were drawn by our fabulous team of artists. They are either 500 or 1,000 pieces and are printed on Premium Blue Board (translation: they're fancy).

We have limited inventory, so please order soon if you want a copy.

The Dreams and Nightmares of a Dog

Artist: The Oatmeal
The dreams and nightmares of a dog - puzzle

This puzzle is an illustration of what I imagine my dog dreams about. (Featuring Rambo from My Dog: The Paradox). On the left are his nightmares, and on the right are his dreams.

This puzzle is one of my favorites because it's got a series of "small victories" for you to piece together -- each section of the puzzle tells a tiny story. I also included a few hidden objects in this one. They’re not listed on the box, but see if you can find them all: a pair of demon cats, a flea, a rat, Rambo’s pawprint (scanned from his actual paw), a pink thong, pizza, salmon, and a corgi who means business.

Order Dog Dreams

Cats Playing Chess

Artist: The Oatmeal

The tournament of the century

Cats playing chess puzzle

This is two cats playing chess in what appears to be the game of the century (and by playing chess, mostly just knocking the pieces over). This one has a TON of Easter eggs. If you compare this puzzle to a deck of Exploding Kittens cards, you’ll find icons from every card hidden inside the art.

Order Cats Playing Chess

Cats in Quarantine

Artist: David Kantrowitz
Cats in quarantine puzzle

This puzzle depicts what a bunch of bored cats did during lockdown.

Order Quarantine Cats

What a cat sees when it looks in the mirror

Artist: The Oatmeal
What a cat sees in the mirror

A cat stares into its reflection and sees itself as a tiger and your bedroom as a mighty jungle. This puzzle is full of Easter eggs and the books on the bookshelf are a puzzle unto themselves.

Order Mirror Cat

The Great Wave off Cat-a-gawa

Artist: Kaci Obrero
The great wave of Cat-a-gawa Order The Great Wave off Cat-a-gawa

The Slothness of Memory

Artists: Jin Kwon & Chuck Belak-Berger
The Slothness of Memory puzzle Order Slothness of Memory

Spicy Scream

Artist: Chuck Belak-Berger
Spicy Scream puzzle Order Spicy Scream

Housing Boom

Artist: Jin Kwon
Housing Boom puzzle Order Housing Boom

Cats Playing Craps

Artist: Pablo Rivera
Cats Playing Craps puzzle Order Cats Playing Craps

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