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How to tell if the weather is going to be a really big deal

A comic about hurricanes and television.

How to tell if the weather is going to be a really big deal

*Update* Dear readers,
The point of this comic wasn't to undermine the damage of Irene or imply that we all wanted more destruction, it was to highlight two different things:

1. The weather on this planet is very, very fickle. The worst disasters aren't the ones we see broadcasted on CNN days before they happen, with newscasters promoting which Twitter hash tag you should use meanwhile situating their cameras to maximize the dramatic effect of floodwater. The worst disasters come out of nowhere with very little warning, such as the Japanese tsunami or hurricane Katrina.

2. Hurricane Irene was a hype-fest of epic proportions and I'm betting whoever runs The Weather Channel is probably buying himself another mega-yacht this week.

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