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It's my birthday and National Punctuation Day

Today is a time of celebrating punctuation as well as Mr. Inman turning 28.

It's my birthday and National Punctuation Day

Posted Sep 24th 2010, 14:46

Today, September 24, is National Punctuation Day. In honor of this excruciatingly boring holiday, I encourage you to go learn how to use a semicolon or an apostrophe. Or go learn what an interrobang is, if only to marvel at its perverse sounding name. HOT INTERROBANG ACTION‽ YES, I THINK SO!

Also, today is coincidentally my 28th birthday. I'm wearing my favorite party hat:
I once partied so hard I vomited up Christmas ornaments and Jaegermeister
In honor of this excruciatingly magnificent holiday, I urge you to go sucker punch a wild animal such as a muskrat or bison. If you can't find any wild animals, you could always just buy me a beer (the buy a beer link is at the end). I'll happily get wasted and then go beat the living shit out of a horse or bald eagle.


I'd also like to thank all The Oatmeal fans for supporting me and buying shirts this week. Sales have been spectacular and surprisingly all the inventory has been selling equally well. I figured one or two would sell like crazy and then I'd be stuck with a warehouse full of others which I'd end up using to strain pasta or some shit.

Party Gorilla Party Gorilla Special Ops Bunny

Also, expect a new comic out monday before I leave for NYC. I'd launch it today but it's my birthday and I'll be too busy pounding an entire box of Little Debbie Nutty Bars into my face and playing Left4Dead.

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