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Andrews McMeel

5 very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth (and other useful guides)

by Matthew Inman

All your old favorites, plus 25 never-before-seen comics! 160 pages of comical delights. Pull-out poster included with every copy!

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If you seriously <3 The Oatmeal, order directly from the author. Otherwise, you can order it online from the links listed below or pick it up in in person at any major bookstore.

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About The Book

In the spring of 2009 Matthew Inman debuted his website The Oatmeal which became one of the most popular comics on the web, garnering millions of readers and nearly a quarter billion pageviews the following year. His website was subsequently turned into a book, and 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth is that book. It contains a year’s worth of comics, with a mixture of classic Oatmeal comics such as Why it's better to pretend you don't know anything about computers and How to use a semicolon, as well as plenty of brand new material that isn’t available online.

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What's Inside?

The book contains 160 pages of comical awesomeness from The Oatmeal, including 25 never-before-seen comics as well as a pull-out poster of Why I believe printers were sent from hell.

Inside the book Why I believe printers were sent from hell to make us miserable - poster included

Where can I get it?

If you seriously <3 The Oatmeal, order directly from the author. Otherwise, it's available in all major bookstores. If you want to buy it online, it’s available at: Amazon Barnes and Noble, Borders, Chapters Indigo, and Indiebound.

Note to international customers: UK customers will not get the book until March 17, and all other countries will have to wait until May, so if you want a copy before that you'll have to order it online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does it come out?

    US customers: in bookstores now
    UK customers: in bookstores March 17th
    All other countries: in bookstores in early May
    If you live outside the US and want it sooner, you can order it online.

  • What’s the difference between this book and the self-published version that came out last year?

    The self-published version under the same name only had a handful of comics inside it and was more like a comic book than an actual book. The published version contains way more material and is essentially a massive compilation of everything I made in a year.

  • Can I get the book even if I don’t live in the US?

    If you live in the UK, the book will appear in stores on March 17. If you're in any other country the book may not be in stores until early May, but you can order it online if you want it before that.

  • How much does it cost?

    Amazon $7.72      Barnes and Noble $7.72      List Price US/Canada $14.99/$16.99
    (note: the prices listed for Amazon and Barnes and Noble are subject to change)

  • Where can I buy it?

    See above

  • Can I buy it in the Oatmeal shop?

    Yes, and every copy sold directly is signed by the author! Details here

  • How big is it?

    160 pages, 7”x9” (18cm x 23cm). It weighs about as much as a large handful of of dolphin entrails.

  • Paperback or Hardcover?


  • What comics does it contain?

    Everything I created from 2009 to the the summer of 2010, as well as a ton of new material which isn’t available online.

  • What’s the ISBN? I think ISBNs are neat.

    ISBN #: 9781449401160