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I believe in The Blerch running shirts now available!

I believe in The Blerch running shirts, stickers, and magnets are now in stock.

I believe in The Blerch running shirts now available!

Posted Aug 15th 2013, 18:57

"I believe in the Blerch" running shirts are officially in stock.

  • Available in both women's and men's sizes.
  • Lightweight, athletic-cut. Controls sweat like a champ.
  • 3.8-ounce, 100% cationic polyester.

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Large refrigerator magnet

In addition, we're now shipping large Blerch magnets to stick on your fridge, in case you need a daily reminder to eat lots of cake and/or take a five hour power nap.

Bumper stickers

And lastly, we've now got "I believe in The Blerch" bumper stickers. As always, if you buy a book, this bumper sticker is included for free.

Also, a quick update for everyone who ordered a "Cats Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos" print last week. I just picked these up from the print shop today and I'm signing them right now, so your orders will start shipping out in a few hours! Cats Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos

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