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The 7 Phases of Owning an iPod

This was something I created back in 2006 for another website.

This is from 2006!

I used to be a writer for a website called Drivl, which is now defunct. This was originally a post on that website.

I've re-created it as a humungus-and-greatly-improved-comic, but I figured I'd post the original here for fun.

The 7 phases of owning an iPod

PHASE 1: This is the "OH MY GOD IT'S SO SMALL AND SHINY" phase. You marvel at how small and shiny it is, stealing glances whenever you can.

PHASE 2: This is the phase where all your friends say "OH MY GOD IT'S SO SMALL AND SHINY" and you're like, totally over it.

PHASE 3: The iPod has become a permanent part of your body. If you're not showering or communicating with someone who has the authority to fire you, your ipod is blasting in your ears.

PHASE 4: You lose your impossibly small ipod somewhere in your home and nearly have a nervous breakdown. After eventually finding it you seriously consider ingesting it for safe-keeping.

PHASE 5: You suffer from permanent hearing damage. This does not deter you from constantly listening to your iPod at high volumes, however.

PHASE 6: smaller, fancier ipod is created and yours is now outdated and crappy. Yours is no longer awesome, it is horribly awful. Just awful.

PHASE 7: You upgrade and buy the newer ipod. You are now destitute and are forced to live off cardboard and stray animals to survive.

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