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My Christmas tree smells spicy and magnificent

Photos of the Christmas tree in the Oatmeal office

My Christmas tree smells spicy and magnificent

Posted Dec 6th 2012, 19:25

A few months ago I stopped working from home, got an office in Fremont, and hired someone to help me with the business side of The Oatmeal. Her name is Amanda and she's kind of an assistant / business development person / bookkeeper / spreadsheet wizard. I went to Denver this week and while I was away she put up a Christmas tree in the office and placed it directly under a canvas-mounted print of the Sriracha grizzly.

The Oatmeal Christmas tree smells spicy and incredible
It's covered in a Sriracha popcorn garland and Sriracha air fresheners, so the tree is quite pungent and now the whole office stinks of awesomeness.

The Oatmeal Christmas tree smells spicy and incredible

Best. assistant. ever.

Stinkiest. tree. ever.

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