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The Bear-o-dactyl takes a smoke break from being awesome

Sam Spratt and The Oatmeal teamed up to create a portrait of the motherf**king pterodactyl's glorious offspring.

The Bear-o-dactyl takes a smoke break from being awesome

Posted Aug 15th 2011, 12:37

Remember the Motherf**king Pterodactyl? Remember his magnificent offspring?

I teamed up with world renowned illustrator, Sam Spratt, the artist who brought my Tumbeasts to life (as well as a plethora of other awesome things) to produce a portrait of the Bear-o-dactyl.
Painted in the style of Venus of Urbino, I present to you Sam's masterpiece:

The Motherfucking Bear-o-dactyl takes a smoke break from being awesome
The Bear-o-dactyl print

We had these printed up on an acid-free, archival, 100 lb stock and they're sized at 19" x 27 1/4" (48cm x 66cm), so they're significantly larger than my other prints. We're selling a limited quantities of these, and each copy is signed and numbered by The Oatmeal. The prints are $50.00, with free shipping anywhere in the world. Details here.


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