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Joseph Sikorski made a documentary about the Tesla Tower at Wardenclyffe

Tower to the People

There's a wonderful documentary about Nikola Tesla over at Indiegogo right now. It covers the history of Wardenclyffe from past to present, and contains a wealth of facts about Tesla, Edison, and Tesla's ill-fated Wardenclyffe Project.

Joseph Sikorski, who donated $33,000 to Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum back in 2012, directed the film. The movie is finished, but he's seeking funds to get it distributed and raise awareness about Nikola Tesla and our science center.
If you want to support the film, please back the project or share the above image.

Author's note: in 2012 I launched a crowd-funding campaign called Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum. I set up a reward tier where, in exchange for donating $33,000 to the museum, I would in turn write a blog post about a company or individual on my website. One of those donors was Joseph Sikorski, and I'm writing this post as way of thanks for his wonderful contribution to our cause.

View the Trailer on Indiegogo

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