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Buy a brick for the Nikola Tesla Museum

Have your name engraved and placed on the grounds of Nikola Tesla's laboratory.

Buy a brick in the Nikola Tesla Museum

The what?

In 2012 I launched a crowd-funding campaign to buy the property of Nikola Tesla’s former laboratory, located in Shoreham, New York. The campaign needed $850,000 and we successfully raised $1.37m. With a combined grant from NY State for an addition $850k, this money was used to make a bid on the property, and the lab was effectively SAVED.

We now own Tesla’s lab thanks to the 33,000 wonderful backers who supported the cause.

This initial round was enough to buy a laboratory, but not enough to actually BUILD a museum, so earlier this year I wrote a review of my Tesla Model S, wherein I asked Elon Musk to donate the remaining amount needed to restore Tesla’s lab.

Elon Musk agreed to donate $1M, in addition to building a Tesla supercharger station in the museum parking lot. He also issued a challenge to us to try and raise the rest of the money ourselves.

This is what we’re doing now.

Tees for Tesla from TeeSpring

Buy a brick in the Nikola Tesla Museum


You can help the museum by sharing this Youtube video:

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