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I made some Sriracha popcorn and Sriracha underwear

We're now selling Sriracha-flavored popcorn and hot hock underpants.

I made some Sriracha popcorn and Sriracha underwear

Posted Aug 14th 2012, 17:29

Ever heard of BaconSalt? Baconnaise? Bacon Lube? The guy who invented those products happens to live in Seattle, AND he happens to have a fondness for Sriracha that almost rivals his fondness for bacon. So who better to team up with when I decided to start cooking Sriracha Popcorn?

Rather than making something so spicy it was inedible, we focused more on making it taste good. The recipe contains a mixture of garlic, peppers, salt, and has quite a kick to it. If you eat it really fast it's got a respectable afterburn, but if you take it slow it's like riding a riverboat through the jungles of dee-lish.

You buy the popcorn from my shop OR you can get it on J&D's website if you're interested in buying it with some of their delicious bacon products, such as BaconSalt, Bacon Croutons, and their latest creation: Crispy Bacon Bake.

Sriracha Popcorn Sriracha Popcorn
Sriracha Popcorn
Sriracha Popcorn

In addition, I made some underpants.

Hot cock boxer briefs

Women's Sriracha Briefs

And lastly, we're now selling Wookiee Jesus iPhone covers.

Wookiee Jesus iPhone Cases

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