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In stock: Sriracha magnets and Bobcat shirts

We added Sriracha magnets to the store and a bunch of other items are back in stock.

Sriracha Magnets and Bobcats shirts

We're now selling large magnets which profess our love for the condiment to end all condiments: Sriracha Rooster Sauce. They will stick to refrigerators, toasters, and even automobiles. They will not stick to cats, hamsters, or newborn babies unless they are cyborgs.

Dimensions are 5.59" x 4.33" (142mm x 110mm) -- roughly the size of a greeting card or bear claw.
Sriracha Magnets

Also, all of our shirts are back in stock.

All the stuff we were sold out of from our anniversary sale is now back in stock:

Shirts back in stock

And we've still got some Bobcat misprints

The printer who produces our t-shirts made a mistake and the Bob on this Bobcat shirt turned out yellow instead of beige. Rather than just having a giant bonfire of misprinted shirts in the backyard, we're selling these for $9.00:

bobcats misprint shirt

Buttons are still sold out

We had an issue with our supplier and the Bobcat and Sriracha buttons are still sold out, but we should have them next week.

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