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New merch: A Mrowwy Night, Velociraptors, and Nikola Tesla

I added some new merch to the shop today

New merch: A Mrowwy Night, Velociraptors, and Nikola Tesla

Posted November 10, 2011

A bunch of people were asking that I made the Mrowwy Night painting from The Bobcats at Home available as a print. Your wish is my command: it's now available as an 11.5"x17" (29cm x 43cm) print and I'm signing every copy I sell. I also had these printed on a thicker, pearlized paper which mean it's coated in a material that makes the print glisten and look super neato.

Starry Cat signed print

I also added two new shirts to the shop. Both are available in men's and women's sizes.

Sriracha Hug Shirt Cat Commandeering Raptor Shirt

If you've read my book you probably learned that Nikola Tesla was an insanely awesome genius and Thomas Edison was a massive DoucheBucket. I made a bumper sticker for fellow Tesla lovers:

Tesla versus Edison bumper sticker

Lastly, I turned the comic What it means when you say literally into a full-sized poster. You can buy it by itself for $20.00, OR if you buy the Oatmeal Grammar Pack for $40.00 we're now including it for free.

The Oatmeal Grammar Pack

Hi. I'm a cartoonist.

I have a Netflix show coming out in July. Check out the trailer below.

Add it to your Watch List on Netflix

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