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It's National Oatmeal Day

In honor of this holiday, I'm going to draw things that people post in the comments.

It's National Oatmeal Day

Posted Oct 29th 2010, 13:01

It's national oatmeal day
I woke this up morning to a flurry of emails regarding today being National Oatmeal Day. Because I don't eat oatmeal and I think it tastes like ground up senior citizens, I'd like to usurp this holiday as my own. If I'd known it was a holiday, I would have drawn a new comic to deliver to you all. I didn't know, however, so I don't have any new material for you.
I have a plan, however!

Leave a comment on this blog post and I'll draw it

That's right -- comment on this sumbitch blog post and I'll draw it. Obviously I'm not going to be able to draw every comment, so I'm just going to pick the ones I like. Also, if you ask me to draw the battle of Helm's deep or the storming of the Bastille or some shit, expect it to be ignored. Nouns and simple ideas work best. Don't post pictures of yourself hoping I'll vectorize you. I'll be drawing quickly so the artwork will be sloppy.

I'll post the pictures below as I draw them, so just refresh this blog post to see new ones. Also, I'm heading to ZomBCon in Seattle this afternoon so I can get George Romero to sign a Zombie Poster, so I'm only gonna be working on this for the next hour or two.


Update: Will is a cool guy. FIRE AT CARL!


Shitfuckistan! I have to head to the Zombie thing asap and I can't work on any of these drawings right now. I'll take the weekend to work on them instead, and with 1,000+ comments in an hour it looks like I've got plenty of material. Check back on monday or tuesday.

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