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New print: Thomas Edison's Nightmare

I drew a print of Tesla having a good time and Edison not having a very good time.

New print: Thomas Edison's Nightmare

Posted Nov 7th 2012, 21:54
A few facts:
  • Nikola Tesla was the mustache-donning father of the electric age
  • Tesla was quite fond of cats, and owned a cat when he was a boy. When this cat shocked him with static electricity it inspired him to learn the secrets of the electric world and subsequently usher humanity into a second industrial revolution.
  • Thomas Edison electrocuted cats for marketing purposes.

Complete with pigeons, lightning bolts, a fully operational Wardenclyffe, and one well placed light bulb, I present to you:

Thomas Edison's nightmare

Thomas Edison's Nightmare
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These are printed on an acid-free, archival, 100 lb stock and they're sized at 19" x 27 1/4" (48cm x 66cm), so they're nearly poster sized. Shipping is free anywhere in the world, and I'm signing the first few hundred copies.

I also added tote bags to the shop today. We started selling these at New York City Comicon and they were so popular we decided to sell them on the shop as well.

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