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Handmade wearable art by LaRu

A friend of mine makes awesome stuff and you should go buy lots of it.

Handmade wearable art by LaRu

Posted May 1st 2012, 20:30

A friend of mine recently had her 30th birthday and to celebrate she went out to buy some delicious cake. Upon returning with the cake, she discovered that someone had broken into her car and smashed out the windows. The next day she once again ventured outside and while crossing at a crosswalk she was hit by a car. As a result of the concussion, she couldn't take the architectural licensing exams the next day -- exams which she'd spent the past 3 months studying for. Furthermore, because of the accident a bunch of ligaments were torn in her arm and she had to have surgery. Aside from getting a cast and putting the coolest decorations I've ever seen on it, this made for a rather shitty 30th.

I turn 30 in September and I'm now fearful that dragons with rottweillers for penises are gonna come down from the sky and chase me through the streets of Seattle.

DOG-DICKED-DRAGONS ASIDE, I've featured Laru in a comic of mine before, and thought I'd try to de-shittify her entrance into her thirties by posting about the neato things she makes when she's not studying to become an architect.

All the items are handmade (currently by one hand, haha) and this is how she supports herself. I encourage you to go spend buckets of money on them. She also turned my female angler fish into a belt buckle.

Belt Buckles by LaRu

Necklaces by LaRu

Purse Hooks by LaRu

Prints by LaRu

Buttons by LaRu

There's a ton more stuff over at her Etsy page.

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