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FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages

FunnyJunk's lawyer sent me a letter stating that I owe him $20k in damages.

FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages

Posted June 11, 2012

Remember FunnyJunk? Almost exactly a year ago I published a blog post about my comics being stolen, re-hosted, and monetized on FunnyJunk's website. The owner of the site responded and some of the comics were taken down, He still had a ton of my comics hosted without credit, but the energy it would take to get him to take them down wasn't worth it. I thought the issue was done and over with so I let him be.

A few days ago I was served papers informing me that the owner of FunnyJunk is going to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay him $20,000 in damages. You can read the full letter here.

The owner of FunnyJunk hired Charles Carreon, a lawyer who became famous in the 90s after successfully litigating
Charles does a bit of modeling too, apparently.

I don't want to get tied up in courtroom nonsense. I don't want to pay more money to my lawyer. Don't you miss the days when I posted 2 comics a week, instead of writing rebuttals to Forbes and dealing with bullshit like this?

So do I.

I've annotated the letter below as well as outlined how I'm going to deal with this.

Update: FunnyJunk removed all these links since I posted this list.

Update! The campaign ended and we raised over $200,000!

As promised, I posted photos of the money raised. Click the image below to see it.

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