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My Dog: The Paradox got turned into a book!

The comic about my dog got turned into a book that comes out on May 7th.

My Dog: The Paradox got turned into a book!

Remember the lengthy, lovable comic I wrote about my dog last year? It got turned into a book! It’s not an ultra-mega-Oatmeal-sized book with pull-out posters and hundreds of pages of comical explosions, instead it’s simply the original My Dog: The Paradox comic re-drawn in color and presented beautifully inside a hardback book. It’s similar to one of those keepsake books you see during checkout at retail bookstores, except instead of overused clichés about being happy it’s full of jokes about my dog humping things and pooping everywhere.

My Dog: The Paradox got turned into a book!

Contains an intro from the author and it's re-drawn in color. Ships May 7th

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