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Top BearFood links for this week

Top BearFood links for this week

Posted May 28th 2012, 23:53

This is the first update about BearFood, a little website I built and announced last week which highlights awesome things from around the internet.

As of the today the website is one week old and according to the number of votes and comments per post it appears to be more popular than Digg. I know that saying "I'm more popular than Digg" is sort of like announcing that you won a wrestling match with a dead cat, but it's a new website and I've barely been promoting it so I'll take what I can get.
Although I can't confirm if I matched Digg's traffic; BearFood got around a half million page views in 7 days, and I'm not sure what Digg is currently at. It's probably more than that, in which case I'm a filthy liar.

I've been fixing lots of bugs and I also changed the voting system so that instead of just "like" and "don't like," it now has the following options:
BearFood voting system
This new system lets you give weight to your vote rather than only allowing a "like" (+1 point) or a "dislike" (-1 point). Instead, if you click "really like" or "love," it applies more votes to the post, and does the opposite when you click "DIE."

As promised, the top links on BearFood are also featured on the homepage of The Oatmeal right now, and I'll also be highlighting some of my favorites in blog posts like this one.

Also, does anyone know why when I post BearFood links to Facebook it doesn't show a thumbnail? I have the necessary <meta property="ol:image"> and <link> tags in place. If you have any ideas please post it in this thread.

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