Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants

Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants A new book by The Oatmeal
What's inside?

Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants is a 168 page collection of comics, facts, and instructional guides from the online cartoonist and #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author known as The Oatmeal. The book contains a variety of Oatmeal classics, such as Dear Sriracha Rooster Sauce and What it's like to own an Apple product, in addition to plenty of never-before-seen comics about life, death, love, romance, bears, explosions, and testicles.

Each book also includes a pull-out poster of Why working from home is both awesome and horrible.

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The Book Tour
The Oatmeal Book Tour

Book Tour

The book tour has ended. Thanks to everyone who attended!

The Oatmeal will be traveling to various bookstores to give lectures about spiders and meat. He will also be signing books and possibly drawing pictures.

Admission is free* and books will be available for purchase at every event.

* Except for the Strand in NYC (which requires a book purchase to attend.)

Washington, DC

Event Details

Wednesday, June 5


Politics & Prose Union Market

270 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

RSVP here

New York, NY

Event Details

Thursday, June 6


The Strand

828 Broadway, NY NY 10003

RSVP here

Austin, TX

Event Details

Friday, June 7th



603 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

RSVP here

Denver, CO

Event Details

Monday, June 10th


Tattered Cover (Colfax)

2526 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

RSVP here

Beaverton, OR

Event Details

Tuesday, June 11th


Powell’s at Cedar Hills Crossing

3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton, 97005

RSVP here

If possible, please RSVP on Facebook. It's not required, but it gives us a rough idea of how many people to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • When does it come out?

    October 1st, 2013.

    It may take longer to appear in bookstores for countries other than the US. If you live outside the US and want to guarantee a copy right away, you can order it online.

  • Can I get the book even if I don’t live in the US?

    In Canada and the UK it will debut at the same time as the US.
    All other countries should receive it in the following weeks, depending on where you live. You can order it online if you want it before that.

  • How much does it cost?

    Amazon $16.99 currently $9.00      Barnes and Noble $16.99 currently $10.39     
    (note: these prices are subject to change)

  • Can I buy a copy of the book at a book signing?

    Yes, all my books will be available for purchase at all the signings.

  • What items will be available for purchase at a book signing?

    My new book for sure, and some of the stores will have the calendar as well. If you want me to sign prints, shirts, mugs, etc you'll have to buy them from the Oatmeal shop and bring them with you.

  • Can I bring other merchandise to a book signing?

    Yes, I'll sign anything. However, some bookstores require a book purchase for a signature, some require a book purchase for a ticket to the event, some require no purchase at all. It varies from bookstore to bookstore. Contact the venue directly with any questions.

  • How come your tour doesn't stop in my city? :(

    My publisher chooses cities based on the availability of a time slot that works with the rest of the tour. If I don't come to your city it doesn't mean I hate you, it just means we probably couldn't find a bookstore that worked with our schedule.

  • Where can I buy it?

    Most major bookstores should carry it on or after October 1st, 2013. If not go get it online.

  • How big is it?

    168 pages, 7”x9” (18cm x 23cm). and it weighs about as much as a large pile of bear feces.
    The included poster is 18" x 24" (45cm x 61cm).

  • Paperback or Hardcover?


  • Why should I buy a book full of stuff that's available online for free?

    Two reasons:
    1. There's a ton of new material in the book that isn't available online and it never will be, so if you buy the book you get access to a bunch of new comics.

    2. I'm able to provide free comics online BECAUSE of people who support me and buy my books.

  • What’s the ISBN? I think ISBNs are neat.

    ISBN: 9781449427702

  • Where does George Washington keeps his armies?


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