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A reminder about SF & and announcing one more Seattle book signing.

Book Signings in San Francisco, Seattle, and Marysville

San Francisco - Saturday, April 16th 3:30pm

Tickets are sold out to the theater presentation of this book signing, but you can still attend if you want to meet me and get some stuff signed. We'll be selling books along with a bunch of other merchandise, including shirts, stickers, and other Oatmeal goodies, so if you want a poster or shirt it's a good way to get some Oatmeal merchandise without paying for shipping.

Full event details

Costco Seattle - Saturday, April 30th 11:00am

I'm doing a second book signing in Seattle and this time it's at the Costco in SoDo. I'm hoping that they'll let me give a presentation from a podium I built out of oversized cans of nacho cheese dip and mayonnaise. I'll be talking about the history of The Oatmeal, doing some Q&A, and then signing books. A Costco membership is required.

Sitting atop my mighty throne of Que Bueno When: Saturday April 30th, 11:00am
Where: Costco Seattle
4401 4th Avenue South
Seattle, WA

RSVP on Facebook here
A Costco membership is required. Facebook RSVP is not required to attend, but it helps give us an idea of how many people to expect.


Wit's End Bookstore Marysville, WA

Saturday, May 7th 12:00pm

My sister owns a used bookstore in the small town of Marysville, Washington and we decided to have a book signing there to celebrate the end of the tour. We'll have snacks and beverages and most of my family will be there (be nice to them or I'll invite my sex offender uncle and not tell you which person he is). Copies of the book will be available on-hand for purchase as well as all the merchandise available in The Oatmeal Shop, including some newer items:
Bobcats Coffee Mugs

When & Where

When: Saturday May 7th, 12:00pm
Where: Wit's End Bookstore
1206 State Ave # H
Marysville, WA

RSVP on Facebook here
Facebook RSVP is not required to attend, but it helps give us an idea of how many people to expect.

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