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I created a new print of the Bobcats relaxing at home.

New signed print: The Bobcats at home

I added a signed print to the shop today that features The Bobcats relaxing at home, drinking some fine spirits and discussing life, politics, and war.

The Bobcats at home
Bob's reading material
The Bobcats at home

These are printed on an acid-free, archival, 100 lb stock and they're sized at 19" x 27 1/4" (48cm x 66cm), so they're significantly larger than my other prints. Each copy is signed by The Oatmeal (me), numbered, and shipping is free anywhere in the world. View the print details here.

I spruced up the artwork and made American VS British accents from Minor Differences into a print.
American VS British accents
Details here

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