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How many tapeworms could live in your stomach?

How many tapeworms could live in your stomach?

How many tapeworms could live in your stomach?
  • 1.

    How often do you eat?

    9 questions remain

  • 2.

    Choose the option that best describes your body type:

    8 questions remain

  • 3.

    Are you currently taking any prescription painkillers?

    7 questions remain

  • 4.

    Are you currently taking any antidepressants?

    6 questions remain

  • 5.

    Are you a vegetarian?

    5 questions remain

  • 6.

    How often do you poop?

    4 questions remain

  • 7.

    What kind of food do you eat?

    3 questions remain

  • 8.

    How often do you drink alcohol?

    2 questions remain

  • 9.

    How old are you?

    1 questions remain

  • 10.

    How much do you weigh?

    final question!

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