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How collegehumor gets ideas

What's this all about?

Let me start off by saying this: I love CollegeHumor. Over the years they've made some seriously hilarious shit and I consider myself a fan. Yesterday, however, CollegeHumor created a comic called "How to fire someone in Gotham city". Anyone who is a fan of The Oatmeal might find the style and format in this comic to be very, very, very familiar. Now, I'm not one to criticize one person being inspired by another; I'm a firm believer that art cannot be born in a vacuum. I've been inspired by many other artists and comedians and I often cruise around the web when I'm hoping to ignite a creative spark.

The "how to fire someone in Gotham city" comic, however bore such a resemblance to one of my comics that I received numerous emails saying primarily one of two things:
"Oatmeal, Did you get hired by collegehumor?!"

"Dude, your latest comic sucks harder than a black hole"

Rather than bitch and moan about it, I thought I'd make a comic about how I believe CollegeHumor gets inspired.

How collegehumor gets ideas




hurrrr hurrrrr

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